MIT Associate

MIT Associates are members of the Monsters in Training #Addicted2Growth Team. This program authorizes the MIT associate to promote MIT products and services with retail stores, gyms, and other businesses in apparel, supplements, or fitness clientele services.


MIT Associates are responsible for:

-Researching the demographics in targeted area.

-Distribution of promotional items to the places you select.

-Launching/managing Live Demos.

-Learning the MIT brand and contractual development programs. *Training will be accommodated based on your needs.

-Refer all potential opportunities to MIT Relationship Managers or Directors.


  1.     Earn real cash flow through every reference or contract that MIT locks in.
  2.     Compensation for Live Demos.
  3.     Enhance your knowledge and your experience in the business and fitness industries.
  4.     Work with a goal-oriented team which guarantees your success.
  5.     Earn rewards for travel, bonuses, free products, and many more incentives.
  6.     Take control of your life and build on what you love. #born2dominate


  1. Ability to communicate and learn with the team effectively.
  2. Reach out to your network in the fitness industry to grow the MIT brand.
  3. Good character, ability to build rapport, and hungry to learn and earn.
  4. Ability to productively manage your workflow.
  5. Be ready to learn, earn, have fun, and take your life in a new direction.