Mara Roldan

Name: Mara Roldan

Location: Miami, FL

Origin: Medellin, Colombia

Hi everyone, here's a bio of myself!

Some background info- in college I studied Journalism and then took on a career for modeling. I have now been modeling professionally for 10 years.

My fitness life- I was always a skinny girl growing up, I ate everything. I liked thinking that I was able to eat junk food because I was skinny and I wouldn’t add pounds to my life. As I started to learn about health and fitness, and what it actually meant to be fit and healthy, I started to dive into a career as an athlete and fitness model. This changed my life as I started to eat healthier and be more active. I learned so much from the experience of going from a skinny girl modeling and transforming into a real fitness athlete and fitness model! #monsterintraining

I believe the key in life is to have an understanding of balance between being healthy and fit rather than just being a model (boring). It takes a lot of discipline in everything in life you do, but a lot of discipline when it comes to working on that healthy fit lifestyle. I really enjoy it, it’s a lot of fun to be around those who love it as well.

So I have been living in Miami now since 2013 and I am working on creating my own swimwear and sports brand.

On another note, I love when I can help motivate people to live a healthy life, whether it is physical fitness or nutrition management. So since I love it so much truly, I decided to work on getting certified as a Nutritional Dietician…. so next week i start my classes!

I don’t believe that you have to call it a “diet”, it is a lifestyle!

Mara RoldanMara RoldanMara Roldan

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