Laura Wagner

Name: Laura Wagner

Location: North Dakota


I'm 26 years old and live in North Dakota and am a certified personal trainer through NASM.

I was born into an athletic family that believed in eating healthy organic foods. When I went to college I got lost in partying and poor diet habits. Eventually I saw how far I had come from my roots and my values. I wasn't proud of who I was and needed to change. With the completion of my Masters of Science in Kinesiology and the start of my first NPC completion prep, I told myself it was time to truly commit to the life I was preaching to my clientele.

Since October 2014 I have fully embraced a healthy positive fitness lifestyle and have competed in two successful NPC bikini competitions. Currently, I'm prepping for my NPC Figure debut November 2016.

In March 2016 I started my own company- If You Can You Must Fitness LLC, and have grown my clientele base more than I could have ever imagined. I run challenges, do meal prepping, have a YouTube channel (with workouts/ nutrition/ lifestyle), and do seminars on nutrition/fitness topics.

I believe that everyone needs their own personalized approach to fitness and nutrition.
Moms, Lawyers, student, seniors, etc we all need our own personalized approach and I do that for my clients. It's my dream not to be the next most famous wealthy Trainer but be able to reach and help as many people live a healthy balanced lifestyle as I can.

I am also very excited to be part of Monsters in Training New Program #Born2Transform where I will be participating as a 60 Day Transformation coach, alongside a team of other Certified Fitness Professionals! We are here to support and motivate you to help you reach the best version of yourself! #born2dominate

Laura WagnerLaura Wagner

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