Fabrice Lemonnier

Name: Fabrice Lemonnier

Location: Paris, France

At the age of 18, I started professional modeling, as I started to pay more attention to my images after shoots, I started becoming fascinated that I could transform my body into a great sculpture.

I started to learn about bodybuilding and health and started driving my career into bodybuilding and physique development.

My mind was set to improve after I wanted to change my career. My passion for for the fit life of bodybuilding grew more daily. I devoted myself solely to bodybuilding for many years to perfect and improve my fitness through my own self-motivation. I entirely dedicated myself to sculpting and bodybuilding.

Today, it has become a constant part of my life which I love.

Now I am a personal trainer and I teach my knowledge of what I learned and experienced to the people, by helping them reach their maximum physical potential for the development of their body's, health, and mind set.

We all have edge inside of us that tells us we are #born2dominate!


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